Through our targeted acquisition services, you can continue running your business and not waste time on the search and process of identifying businesses to acquire. In addition to expanding geographically, acquiring expertise, and adding complementary products and services, quality acquisitions help our clients attract and absorb new customers.

By understanding you, your skills, your experiences, your passions and your budget, The team at Beyond Broke will help you find the perfect business for you. As your lead team, we deal with discovery, due diligence, developing offers, and closing the deal.

Through its global network, Beyond Broke can develop a targeted search for your ideal business in the location of your choice. In addition to engaging with businesses who indicate an interest in selling, we will conduct in-depth reviews to ensure the opportunity matches your objectives. We will analyze the seller’s company as a whole as well as their exit preferences to determine a suitable price.

Some of the benefits of working with us for targeted acquisition include:

  • Plan the buying strategy and determine the strategic goals.
  • Check your company’s readiness to take on an acquisition and integrate it successfully.
  • Analyze strategic and financial parameters to identify potential acquisition and merger targets.
  • Identify qualified and serious prospects by contacting them confidentially.
  • Evaluate, negotiate, and conduct due diligence on the project.
  • All aspects of the acquisition, including final negotiation, documentation, and post-acquisition merger issues.
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